Most of my work is carried out plein air, my studio work is based on detailed drawings and initial sketches during walks along the Norfolk coast using a wide range of media, large canvases and enlivening colour. My North Norfolk landscapes and seascapes resonate with the pulse of the tides. As a landscape artist my prime objective is to interpret the emotion I feel into the landscape painting. This is the joy of being a landscape artist particularly in the Fens and on the East Coast.

Largely self taught, painting most of my life the landscape has always been intrinsic to my understanding of line, form and tone. I constantly translate what I see into potential paintings in my mind, the colour, shadow, juxtaposition of one colour against another. Still on an experimental journey each day begins with  a new discovery of how paint works and the effects that can be achieved in applying paint in different ways, transforming the landscape I see into a visual image that traps my emotions for people to interpret as they will and hopefully enjoy as much as I have in completing the image. I see the best thing about my work as the bright and bold colour arrayed beneath those vast Norfolk skies as semi abstract vibrant images.

My aim is to convey my feelings and sense of awareness of my surroundings and environment fluently and dynamically to produce a visually powerful statement

My works are sought after and are widely collected both in this country and abroad and in corporate collections.

I exhibit regularly with the Pastel Society at the Mall Gallery and with The Society of Women Artists.

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