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Fallen trees

by Kaiku pro for today.Fallen Trees. - 17:02 on 03 March 2021

Another bitterly cold day, very little wind , probably just as well as the chilli factor was sufficient without it! Noticed a number of fallen trees in between healthy trees brought down in autumn winds, left where they fell. Insects have had a field day under some of the rotten bark, seeking shelter over winter. Left untouched the insects will live happily here making their tiny burrows, laying eggs, making cocoons, in the damp space beneath the bark. Will make another visit during the Spring to see how they are developing. Just pulled free a tiny section of the bark, unfortunately couldn’t resist it , earwigs and an overwintering wasp came to see me. Should have left the bark to protect them, although they made haste to creep under the remaining intact cover. Do insects find this sort of shelter at random I wonder or do they spend some time searching for a favourable spot, can they smell it, is it in their dna, do their parents tell them , is it instinctive? Maybe if I watched long enough I could find out, then it would only be a guess. ............today’s poem

                                                             loose bark protection

                                                             for tiny creeping insects.

                                                             perching woodpecker.


                                                             air quietly sweeps

                                                             rearranging leaf litter

                                                             startling ladybirds.






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