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After the rain

by After the rain - 18:58 on 04 March 2021

It was good to see that it had rained overnight, nothing dramatic but just a nice gentle rain. Yesterday I spent time putting oink cuttings in the garden and well rotted horse manure round all the roses, so the rain couldn,t have come at a better time. Spring is on its way. The jackdaws, rooks and crows are really noisy in the nearby horse chestnut trees determining their nest sites ans colonies. I always find the continuous cawing quite comforting , a sound that has always been there playing a significant background sound since my childhood. As children my friends and I would travel freely across fields , miles from home , without a care in the world. Having said that corners of empty barns and woodlands held a certain awe and we crept with the respect we accorded to them. One day we were making our way through the woods and came upon the farmer and co shooting rooks , an annual event, and being chased with great shoutings of “Get out “ . We fled certain we were going to be shot! Of course we went back the following day......just to see!!

The rain will also help the masses of celandine plants that have spread during the winter in the garden. There is to my mind nothing to beat a spread of their yellow flowers interspersed with forget me nots, cheers any spirit. Sometimes they are classed as weeds but not here. Not only the celandines have spread but the violets too, they have the most wonderful fragrance, always picked them for Mother’s Day wrapped delicate ribbon around their short stems......poem for today.....

                                           from the highest bough

                                           blackbird sings melodic song

                                           unmistakabley Spring.


                                            how do crows know

                                            time to take their morning flight

                                            bold cockerel crows.



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