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The Marshes of North Norfolk

by Pat Bustin - 12:44 on 06 October 2017

For many years the marshes and the countryside of the North Norfolk coast have been very dear to me . Working in all weathers, listening to the sea, the birdsong, never fails to lift my spirits. To stop, stay still and listen to the quietest hiss of the dried grass and reeds, to be drawn to plants via the sound of that hiss , to tiny flowers and leaves normally taken for granted. Stare at the sea in all its colours, wonder at the roar of water on sand and shingle, at the quiet splash of water on a calm day.

All these things contribute to the creativity that has fortunately come to me, which I know will never leave .Paintng in a variety of media my style depends on the emotion of the moment. Sometimes in stormy or windy weather I use dramatic marks to portray movement. In calmer weather, and sometimes sitting in the grass, I will draw stalks, grass blades, flowers, often dried seed heads appear in the foreground. My real fascination is with the ever moving clouds and light on the marsh so difficult to capture, captivating to watch. A shaft of light, highlighting a section of marsh or sea, then gone, as fast as it appeared, that image will remain in my mind either to paint on canvas or to put into a poem.

Nevertheless incredibly rewarding, a privilege almost to just be and to roam and sketch.

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